Story Grid Editing Services

Don’t waste your words. Learn about Story Grid and how we can help.

Maybe you’ve read Story Grid or listened to the podcast and you have realized you’d like some help with your writing.

This is what the Story Grid Editing Services are for. You will be paired up with one of our Story Grid Certified Editors to help you level up your writing.

We have three options:

Do you have a manuscript?

Have you finished a story (or half of one) and want help evaluating your manuscript with the Story Grid Methodology and tool set?

Our Certified Editors have been specifically trained to do this with you.

Need help finishing a first draft?

Are you stuck on your novel and not sure what to do next? Do you need help finishing a working first draft of a memoir or another nonfiction story?

A Story Grid Certified Editor will help you get “unstuck” and finish your novel or nonfiction manuscript in the next six months.

Not sure where to start?

Do you know you need some help but are just not sure where to start? We’ve all been there.

We can schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our editors to get you started.

Have you worked with one of our editors?
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Parul Bavishi
J. Thorn
Courtney Harrell
Savannah Gilbo
Jarie Bolander
Rebekah Olson
Maya Rushing Walker
Shelley Sperry
Valerie Francis
Sheila Lischwe
Marissa Frosch
Randall Surles
Ira Heinichen
Anne Hawley
Rebecca Monterusso
Brannan Sirratt
Abigail K. Perry
Sophie Thomas
Amber Meyer
Leslie Watts
Danielle Kiowski
Catherine Lunardon
Rachelle Stewart Ramirez
Mark McGinn
Allison Fairhurst
Victoria R. Girmonde
Alice Sudlow
Kimberly Kessler
Julia Blair
Melanie Naumann
Lori Puma
Dana Pittman
Griffin Gartner
Renee Decker
Click here to view a full list of Story Grid Certified Editors.