Kimberly Kessler

Kimberly Kessler didn’t finish college. When she was twenty-years-old, she landed an entry-level job at a local credit union which served as her on-the-job education. But after climbing the corporate ladder for ten years, she realized time is truly our most precious commodity and needed to spend hers differently. In October 2014, she quit her corporate job to pursue passion projects—and it has been the best decision of her life. Since that day, she gained a son through open adoption, wrote her first novel, and got to add TEDx speaker to her resume. Now Kim is a developmental editor, getting to combine her two favorite things in the world—stories and people. Nothing is more rewarding than helping someone else get a breakthrough on their plot and process. But most of all, she hopes to help others realize it’s never too late to live your best story.

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