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Welcome to the Internet home of Editor Shawn Coyne.  I’ll put together a big mess of stuff that will detail my bona fides, specifying the hundreds of books I’ve edited and published in my career as the site evolves. It’s pretty shocking to see just how many books I’ve worked on and I’m OCD enough to have tallied up the gross revenue…more than $150 million bucks just in North America.  I ain’t no spring chicken anymore though, so it’s best that I get out what I’ve learned before I can’t remember it anymore.

My longest collaboration has been with writer Steven Pressfield.  I edited a number of Steve’s books including The War of Art, Gates of Fire, Turning Pro, Tides of War, and The Authentic Swing. I’m also Steve’s literary agent, manager, and his business partner in Black Irish Books (www.blackirishbooks.com).  If you haven’t read his stuff, you should.

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