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Chapter 6: The 5 Commandments

The following is an excerpt from the Story Grid Publishing title The Writers’ Common Language: A Shared Vocabulary to Tell Better Stories. If I learned one bit of knowledge from Shawn that I use more than any other, it is this. If our value doesn’t shift, we are breaking one (or more) of the Five… Read more »

#236 – Can Story Grid improve on Masterworks?

A listener asks a bold question: Can the Story Grid tools and methodology make the Masterworks we read and love better? Shawn has a great answer for this week’s question.

#235 – What defines a Masterwork?

At Story Grid, we spend a lot of time studying and analyzing Masterworks, but how do you know when a book is a Masterwork? Shawn addresses this question in this week’s episode.

#234 – How to Write Dialogue (for Introverts)

This week’s listener question is, “How do you Write Dialogue when you are an introvert?”. Shawn answers this question and gives recommendations for next steps for writers.

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