Allison Fairhurst

My mom told me I could be anything. My dad told me I could be anything but a vet. My teachers told me that wherever my future lay, it wasn’t in maths, even if I was one of the few with the guts to dissect anything in science class. They told me I was creative.

They were all too accurate in their assumptions.

Studying Literature and Creative Writing at University gave me a good foundation. I graduated knowing what a good story was, not necessarily how to write or edit one. I read books on the craft. I took classes online and at community centres. I worked in marketing, copywriting, editing, and translating. But the impalpable gap in what I called my education would only get larger the more persistent I became.

What do you do when you have the creativity, the brainpower, and the willingness to put the work in, but are without tools? You’re in a sort of terrible limbo with awful, sulphuric coffee.

When I found the Story Grid, my axis shifted. Everything I had learnt over the years began to come together. Story Grid is a beautiful machine; it amalgamated my knowledge of story, added some cool, hard facts about what makes outstanding stories, and topped it off with an unbeatable way of being able to watch the cogs as they turn.

So. I could be anything. And I decided to dissect stories.

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