Kallista Foote

Kallista Foote is a lifelong student of storytelling. She is a Story Grid Certified Editor, where she mastered the demanding art of diagnosing story problems accurately and recommending effective solutions to authors. She also studies book coaching through Author Accelerator, where she’s learned how to cultivate a writer’s potential.

Her passion lies in providing authors with the structure needed to continually build competence, fostering a safe environment for them to learn from mistakes, and maintaining high standards of excellence. This ensures that every writer she works with can approach the market with their head held high.

As a developmental editor, she specializes in guiding authors in the romance, horror, and fantasy genres as they build their creative careers. She believes the path to greatness isn’t preordained by some mystical force of talent; rather, it hinges on the knowledge and dedication to develop one’s expertise.

For inquiries or further information, reach out to her at [email protected] or by visiting her website.

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