Catherine Lunardon

Catherine Lunardon is a Story Grid Certified Editor, writer, and story strategist who helps entrepreneurs, business heads, and organizational leaders transform their expertise or vision into a great idea book.

As a writer, she understands the hard work it takes to complete a book. As an editor, she employs story expertise, bigger-picture writing systems, and one-on-one guidance to save authors time and energy and get them on the quickest path to publication.

Writing a book is not for the faint of heart. Just getting the job done gives you credibility. But getting it done well establishes your expertise, expands your influence, and opens doors whether you’re speaking to colleagues, shareholders, or a wider audience. Most importantly, a well-written, great-idea book can outlive any company, organization, or person. It’s the ultimate way to give back and ensure your contribution impacts future generations.

Catherine’s career spans over two decades working in Toronto and New York as a corporate communications writer, a fashion journalist, and a copy director at Ralph Lauren. Catherine came to Story Grid for help with finishing a manuscript that was going nowhere but became an editor because she believes that one great idea can change the world, and the world needs great ideas, now more than ever.

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