Parul Bavishi

Parul Bavishi is a Certified Story Grid Editor. Prior to this, she edited and commissioned books at Quercus and Random House and has worked with new and established authors such as Andy McNab, Bali Rai, Bernard Beckett, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Mark Miles, Kirby Peterman, John Flanagan, Cat Clarke, Patricia McCormick and Tad Williams. She was a Literary Scout for Eccles Fisher where she scouted for publishers Random House Spain, Random House Germany, Mondadori Italy, and other publishing houses around the world.

She now focuses on Thriller and Young Adult novels through her website Publishing Uncovered.

Parul co-hosts the London Writers’ Salon, a hands-on creative writing hub in London where she has interviewed guests like Colin Wright (Author and Podcaster of Let’s Know Things) and Luke Jennings (Creator of Killing Eve series). She believes in the long game approach to creating work that matters and taking time to hone your craft. She has helped many writers create their best work and would love to help you.

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