Joanne Haines

Joanne Haines is a Story Grid Certified Editor and Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach based near Anchorage, Alaska. Her superpower is seeing and fixing both macro and micro issues in a manuscript while having authentic relationships with writers. While zooming in and out with her editorial lens on the page, she won’t lose sight of your goals and intentions as author.

As a developmental editor in both fiction and nonfiction, she specializes in shaping (planning and revising) full manuscripts. If you are already a plotter, she’ll nerd out with you on structure and craft while getting your story to “The End.” If you are a pantser, she can focus on the structure and foundation of your story while you channel the muse. Either way, she’ll meet you where you’re at in your writing journey and work to set a clear path for you to move forward.

Joanne especially likes working with retired or transitioning professionals who have had success in one career and want to bridge to the next or leave their legacy by writing a book. You can find her at www.shelflifeeditorial.com.

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