Editing Your Manuscript

Now that you have a finished manuscript, how do you use the Story Grid tools to get to a second draft?

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Spreadsheet: The Giant Tamer

If you arrived at this page via the link in the print edition of The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know, Shawn Coyne’s Silence of the Lambs spreadsheet is now at this link. View and copy my Giant Novel Spreadsheet. New! This post is now available on audio. Once upon a time I wrote a... Read more »

Flash Forward: The Foolscap in Action

Later on, I’ll go through it in excruciatingly exhaustive line by line detail, but for now  it’s worth looking at the complete Foolscap Global Story Grid for The Silence of the Lambs.  Here it is:   Just as a reminder, to put the Foolscap Global Story Grid in context, this one-pager gives the editor/writer the... Read more »

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