Our #1 request from the Story Grid community is for access to editors trained in the Story Grid methodology to help edit their books. This exclusive program is designed to give you the training you need so we can confidently recommend you and your services to the thousands of Story Grid listeners and readers.

We want to make sure everyone that comes is a perfect fit for the program. Fill out the application below to let us know you are interested.

Here are the current plans for the program:

  • 5 days of in-person training with Shawn Coyne and Tim Grahl on the Story Grid editing methodology and how to run a successful freelance editing business.
  • Exclusive access to the current and upcoming tools developed around the Story Grid methodology.
  • Prominent placement for you on the Story Grid website along with promotion to the Story Grid community of authors. We will send you authors that want to hire Story Grid editors to help craft and finish a working manuscript.
  • Exclusive community for certified Story Grid editors to continue learning and sharing long past the in-person event.
  • Limited to  25  (5 spots left) participants.