Outlining Your Book in 3 Easy Steps…

Or How to turn a 50,000-word problem into 266 bite sized challenges

In this free 3 part series you'll...

  • Learn how to break up a huge problem -- writing a novel -- into bite sized, doable chunks.
  • Discover how above ground pools, Parkinson's disease research, and the classic Knock Knock banana joke can make your writing easier.
  • Receive a scene-by-scene spreadsheet template to track the progress of your novel.

Taught by...

Shawn Coyne

Shawn Coyne is a twenty-five year book-publishing veteran. 

During his years as an editor at the Big Five publishing houses, as an independent publisher, as a literary agent both at a major Hollywood talent agency and as head of Genre Management Inc., as a ghostwriter, and as a bestselling co-writer (The Ones Who Hit The Hardest with Chad Millman), Coyne created a methodology called The Story Grid to teach the editing craft.

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