Story Grid 101

If you're lost with all this talk of spreadsheets, genres, foolscaps, and grids, this is the page for you. Jump into the resources below to get introduced to the Story Grid basics.

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Genre's Five Leaf Clover

Genre is the one of the most difficult foundations of Story to wrap your mind around. There are so many theories and categorizations of genre that the editor/story student can easily fall into an intellectual whirlpool. I’ve been sucked in so many times by so many different ways to look at genres that my head... Read more »

Conventions and Obligatory Moments for Genre

If I hand you my novel and tell you it’s a murder mystery, what would you expect from the book before you even turned the title page? You’d expect that an investigator—a police officer, an amateur sleuth, a PI, a cat—will set out to solve the crime. You’d expect certain stock characters to appear throughout... Read more »

The Foolscap: How to Put Your Novel on One Page

It took my friend and business partner Steven Pressfield thirty years before he published his first novel. If he had to boil the thick slurry of reasons why it took so long, he’d tell you that it took that long to figure out how to write a single foolscap page. Years ago Steve was a... Read more »

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