Valerie Francis

Valerie Francis is a Certified Story Grid Editor and best-selling author of both women’s and children’s fiction. As a writer, she understands what it feels like to struggle with a manuscript that doesn’t work and has spent many late nights rewriting drafts in frustration. That all changed in January 2015 when she discovered The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know (then in blog form). Since then, she has been studying and applying Shawn Coyne’s methodology and knows from experience how well his technique works. In fact, that’s why she became a Certified Story Grid Editor—to help fellow novelists learn to apply these editing principles and ultimately become better storytellers.

Her specialties include: love stories, thrillers, horror stories (especially gothic literature and stories with supernatural elements), women’s fiction and middle grade fantasy.

Valerie is also a co-host of the Story Grid Editor Roundtable podcast. Each week, she and four of her fellow Certified Story Grid Editors (Anne Hawley, Kim Kessler, Leslie Watts and Jarie Bolander) do a deep dive into the Story Grid principles.

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