Theresa Taylor

Theresa Taylor is a writer and a Story Grid Editor living in Wisconsin’s magical Northwoods. She started writing as a creative counterpoint to many quantitative analyses during graduate research in Educational Psychology. Enchanted by story ever since, she has loved teaching experiences in Sociology, memoir, poetry and horsemanship as well as Tai Chi and Pilates. She’s spent the last ten years exploring and immersing herself in the American Southwest with her husband and two cats.

Theresa believes story informs every aspect of our human development and maturation. She especially enjoys Western literature, fiction and nonfiction, and believes the Western Mythos permeates many contemporary stories like the Jack Reacher series.

“It’s common to get lost or stuck in no man’s land between the ephemeral and the blue-collar work that are both present in artistic creation. Shawn Coyne’s Story Grid methodology offers the most effective tools for structural analysis that can lead a writer out of the abyss. My aim as an editor is to provide clear pathways to progress the work in an atmosphere of supportive encouragement to the writer.”

She is presently working on a Story Grid Masterworks Analysis Guide of Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove.

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