Rebekah Olson

My name is Rebekah Olson. I’m from Salem, Oregon. I’m a writer (now editor/writer), wife of a former-active-duty-Marine, a mother of 3 daughters, a knitter, crocheter, pianist who dabbles in martial arts, and lives with an obsession for stories. My favorite genres are action, thriller, and war, guided by hero’s journey or virgin’s promise, and I like them best in a fantasy reality. Before kindergarten, I used to fill pages of notebook paper with squiggles, thinking that it was a story. Unfortunately, all of the ‘big people’ refused to read those pages with the false claim that it was gobbledygook and not writing, so I never got to learn what those stories were. (meanie-heads!) In first grade, I took my reading book home and went through every story in it within weeks of learning to decipher the letters into words. So the teacher was forced to bump me up to the advanced reading level. Unfortunately, no teachers would allow any more advancement beyond one grade level above average during school years, even though I was reading Shakespeare and books like The Silmarillion before High School. Also unfortunately, I learned the hard way after more than a decade of struggle, that reading a lot doesn’t necessarily translate into writing quality stories the way many claim. That’s where Story Grid comes in and fills that gap. Now I strive to publish novels. Aaaannnd the editing business makes for a good excuse to read more stories and help make them excellent!

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