Mark McGinn

Mark McGinn says, ‘It’s all about the reader/audience reaction. There would be no authors or editors without them. They know when a story/movie works or doesn’t work, and it’s not their job to tell us why. I’m here to help writers write stories that work, to show the difference between those that do and those that don’t – YET! There is no better set of tools and principles to do so, than the Story Grid.

Mark has had a career in New Zealand’s law courts which has driven and enhanced his authenticity as a specialist in crime fiction. He’s written three legal thrillers, one private detective story and a police procedural (he’s yet to publish). www.mcginncrime.com Now, Story Grid tools also inform his business consulting practice. He says, ‘Story is about change and so is personal and professional development. Character is about the choices we make when faced with dilemmas. The plot, or real-world challenge, is simply the vehicle through which we show true character.’

When Mark isn’t writing or editing, he’s reading, or walking in the hills of Christchurch, in a vain attempt to counter the effects of red wine and chocolate. And while doing that, if he’s not in his time warp of 80’s and 90’s music, he’s listening to the Story Grid podcast, and the Story Grid Editor Roundtable.

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