M. Talmage Moorehead, MD

I’m a speculative fiction writer who took Shawn’s editing course mainly to improve my writing, but also knowing that it would expand my ability to help other writers, something I had been striving to do on my WordPress blog since 2012.

As detailed on my content editing site, www.storyscopemd.com, I’m always interested in co-authorship projects and making special accommodations for clients who are willing to do their own SG spreadsheets and graphs.

As a surgical pathologist (for 26 years) with subspecialty boards in cytopathology, I’ve worked with many successful MD’s who were chronically stressed and openly miserable, despite high incomes. Having seen and lived this myself, I’m convinced that writers should avoid such unhappiness by learning to make the enjoyment of their writing routines their highest goal, independent of the business outcome and reader response. As enjoyable as positive outcomes can be, outcomes are too unpredictable to be entrusted with the emotional steering wheels of our lives.

By contrast, the enjoyment of your creative process can become trustworthy and consistent through the use of a few uncomplicated neurological principles.

As your writing hours become joyful, part of the essential fun comes from improving the quality of your story with fresh plot twists that adopt timeless structures, variations on character archetypes, creating original variations of your genre’s obligatory scenes, increasing your main character’s agency, balancing the sensory detail to enhance reader immersion, optimizing the quality and quantity of your dialogue, striving for consistency of narrative voice, rotating your scenes’ turning points to support narrative drive, and graphically analyzing the hypnotic rhythm of your main character’s emotional peaks that set up high-dives into the intense lows and predicaments you’ve created.

Write to me at [email protected] with all your questions, curiosities, and potential interests, whether you have a tentative story idea, a full manuscript, or anything else that we should talk about.

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