Larry Pass

Larry started reading at the age of three and has been reading ever since. He has a B.A. Summa Cum Laude in mathematics and went on to graduate work at M.I.T. where his studies were funded by the National Science Foundation. He has worked as a computer programmer in New York’s financial sector and as a software engineer in California’s Silicon Valley.

Larry describes himself as a two-year-old when it comes to learning — mostly just wandering around and picking stuff up, rather than learning in a systematic way. His passion for learning is complemented by an equal passion to help others learn and grow, whether by writing a chapter for a textbook on Java programming, designing and leading personal growth workshops, or helping writers with their stories.

Larry has immersed himself in the Story Grid methodology since 2015. When attending the online Level Up Your Craft course, he found himself helping his fellow students and answering their questions. This led to his decision to become a Certified Story Grid Editor. Though he still has more to learn about Story Grid (and always will), his biggest challenge is to keep from nerding out over it (too much).

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